CTO – Stefun Hawkins



Chief Technology Officer

Responsible for overseeing Research and Development activities and Customer Support services while formulating long-term visions and strategies to effectively increase product capabilities. Responsible for the transformation of capital – be it monetary, intellectual, or political – into technology in furtherance of the company’s objectives.


Other Positions Held : Vice President of Operations



Having a meticulous attention to detail and vertical learning curve, Stefun Hawkins serves as the Chief Technical Officer, offering extensive computer hardware and software knowledge, augmented by server, HTML, PHP & website development experience.  Stefun gained his love for computers at Cornell University.   In addition to his technological attributes, Hawkins offers financial support having balanced and allocated budgets in excess of $250,000 for a program funding board at Cornell University.  A second generation entrepreneur, Stefun helped execute the day to day operations of his father’s restaurant for 5 years.  He is no stranger to the hard work, dedication, and sacrifice necessary to launch and grow a new venture.  Having a comprehensive local and nationwide network, Hawkins has proven himself as a natural in sales, ranking 3rd in the nation for internet sales for the Sears Co., and becoming a perennial leader in all sales metrics and customer service.  Over the past year his contributions have grown MyFanCountry into a promising business, offering the much needed expertise, dedication, and support to ensure the website’s success

Contact: Stefun.Hawkins@myfancountry.com